Working with fonts


When creating pdf documents you want of course format the text in the document with using fonts. To assist you with that we have equipped our pdf generating apis with a powerful font service that does the heavy work for you.

Windows system fonts

Since our api is built on Microsoft Azure cloud technology, the 300+ TrueType fonts that is installed on Windows servers is of course available in our font service.

Google fonts

The font service can resolve and use any of the 1000+ TrueType fonts that are available on Google Fonts. Just use any font-family in Google Fonts in your markup and the font service will find and use the font. Check available fonts on

Custom font

You can also provide your own TrueType fonts along with your api requests. Perhaps you want to use a barcode font or your organization has created its own typeface to use as part of the graphical profile. Just attach that with the api request and the font service will handle the rest.

Font licensing does not license any fonts. Remember to check the license of the font that you use so you are allowed to use it for the intended purpose of the pdf document.


You can watch a demo of a request to our Font service on /demo/font-service-demo



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