Getting started api is a set of services to generate PDF documents using RESTful principles. As with any REST api you can use JSON format to send and receive data, but most of our services also supports receiving the PDF file directly as binary data. You can learn more about that in the Content negotiation section. All for your convenience in generating the PDF document the way you prefer.

The following steps gets you up and running with 

  1. Create account

    To access the api you need create an account. On registering you need to provide a valid email address to verify your account.

  2. Get api credentials

    After you've registered you can access the members section and get your api credentials at /members/api.

  3. Start coding

    As a registered member you have full access to all api features and can start integrating our services with your software or website.

  4. Go-live and activating your subscription

    When you are ready to go live you activate the subscription suitable for the required capacity your system needs.